Our Heritage

Written by Romeo Del Guasta, the founder

On this page we want to present the idea behind the creation of Danske Klar. As the founder I started with a strong passion for vintage watches, which represent the legacy of Swiss watchmaking, and the best of Japanese production. On this page you can learn more about the history of watchmaking and enjoy the developments from pendulum clocks to modern wristwatches.

This video shows the idea behind the brand and the origin of the company name.

Danske Klar is a peculiar name. It means Danish Ready, literally, but it gains a very deep meaning if we study the animistic legend “Karen”, sadly little known in Scandinavia. According to this legend, there are 37 spirits capable of giving life to people, called Klar. So Danske Klar serves to represent a spirit that gives life to objects, which manifests itself in Denmark, where our craftsmen create watches with maniacal care and great passion. It is natural to consider handicraft products such as our watches, products with a life of their own, with a soul.

Our idea is to involve different artists in Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, France, Ukraine, China, and from other countries, to supply the pieces of each watch starting from the iconic Lucky Charm to the Azur Bosun, or to build examples such as the Sumerian and other exclusive and limited edition watches.

We have involved a dial artist in Switzerland (https://www.asten-montre.ch/boutique; @astenmontre on Instagram), who provides us with special dials made by hand with sand, and other complex processes.

We involved those who make decorations on the watch cases (https://www.danielepozziengraver.com/; @daniele_pozzi_engraver on Instagram).

We have involved those who make dial markers with Swarovski and gold hands, and carry out sandblasting and satin finishing for our watches (https://www.aurigagioielli.it/; @passione_orafa on Instagram).

Finally, we also involved those who make excellent hand made leather bracelets with customizations and details (https://www.inspireuplift.com/shop/Leonistraps; @leoni.handmade on Instagram). You can find photographs of their work on our image gallery page.

For the mechanisms, we use Top Grades Sellitas SW200, and SW300 and SW330 available from our partners at Sellita.ch, and Top Grade decorated STP 1-21 from STP available at swisstp.com.

We also have an italian partner for design of clothes, paelicouture.com, an admirable couture with expert hands. Also mentioned in the “Partners” section of our Instagram profile story.

Each of our watches has been built to carry on the legacy of classy and luxury watchmaking. We are committed to building a brand that offers better and better watches. We started from using simple dials, to having the dials with our design, and all in platinum or gold, with embossed text, and sunray processing. We started with cheap components, to get to offer better and better bracelets and materials; good steel cases, sapphire crystal, German hands and Swiss luminescent paste. Ceramic and platinum on our diving watches is our standard now. We finally have a choice of movements that work great, decorated and undecorated, even with advanced Rhodium processing options. We are working to have our watch movements too. We can now also customize our watches with engravings. We will improve more and more. Everything in its time. 😉


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