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Danske Klar - Custom Made Timepieces


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The Sumerian is a limited edition watch, with only one exemplar, and gives homage to the Sag-gi's. Thousands years ago, the ancient civilization formed the first ways to measure time, with the sexagesimal count system, used from us still today for seconds and minutes counting. The Sumerians worked with the first versions of lathe, on ceramic, stones, minerals... They were masters at farming, and they built what we define and still remember today as one of the first civilizations on earth. Therefore we opted for a dedicated hand made approach when building this watch.

This timepiece has a Top Grade Sellita SW200-1, regulated in 6 positions to -4/+6 seconds a day, with Rhodium decorations, and gold plated hands with green Superluminova C3. Has an hand made dial, built from the Swiss artisan @astenmontre; has an hand made gold logo made from the italian jeweler of @passione_orafa; has a magnificent hand made strap, with Sumerian symbol, made from the leather master @leoni.handmade; and has the breathtaking hand made case engravings of @daniele_pozzi_engraver.

You can actually see their profile by typing their name on Instagram, as written above.

Of course we also offer our classic leather wallet with microfiber cloth and the 3 year warranty/certification card together with the watch.

Serial number EX02-01-0001-2023.



Here the answer to the most common questions

How long does it take to receive the watch?

Silver and Gold Presents are shipped in 3 working days (when in stock) and should be delivered in 7/14 days depending from your location.

Shipping time of hand assembled timepieces, because the number of possible variants and personalizations, can vary from 15 to 60 days (often is around 20 days). You should receive the watch in 7/14 days after the package has left our warehouse, depending from your location.

Is the shipping traced and safe?

Absolutely yes. Safe and traceable.

How does return policy works with your products?

Beside Silver and Gold Present (our pendant/pocket watch) all our timepieces are hand made, and customized as your preferences. Being products of craftsmanship (with occasional engravings, with a different strap as required by you, sometimes hand made, or regulated to fit you perfectly, with step by step customization in real time with our agents, etc….) our hand made timepieces are unfortunately not covered by a return policy. But you CAN definitely contact us if you are unsatisfied when you receive the watch, and we will consider your case, possibly coming to an agreement with you. We ALWAYS reply.

Silver and Gold Present can be returned within 14 days if

-the plastics are not being removed;

-the packaging is immaculate,

-and if the watch has not being used.

Contact us to receive a return form, so you can ship us back the package.

In any case, we record and document the state of our watches and packages before any shipping, to protect us, and also to protect you from damages caused by the courier.

How long is the warranty service on your watches?

We cover defects and functional mistakes in a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. We do not cover water damage and accidental damages caused by the customer. We are able to detect in which occurrence every malfunction happened.